Why Miles From Monday?


It’s no secret that we love to explore the world.  We are also both young professionals who are fully committed to our careers.  Since traveling the world is NOT our full-time job, we are always looking for ways to maximize our experiences, see the world, and enjoy our time away from work. Sometimes that means flying Singapore Airlines Suites (because it’s awesome), flying business class to Europe so we can get a good night sleep and be ready to explore the next day, making a work trip an adventure, or booking a quick weekend getaway because we found a great deal.  Of course, we pay our own bills and we don’t have unlimited incomes, so we use points to drastically reduce the cost of our travels.

At #MilesFromMonday we have many travel HACKs and other tips for using your points/miles to keep you maximizing your adventure and keep you #MilesFromMonday. We will have posts about earning points and miles, then using those points and miles to maximize your experiences—either to travel more economically or to travel in luxury for pennies on the dollar. We will also give you insights into our favorite things to do (and eat) in the places we travel. Since feeling great and stress free is important to us, we will also give you information on how to balance traveling with work and life while staying healthy, both mentally and physically.

We hope that #MilesFromMonday inspires you to earn points/miles and use them to create amazing adventures.

Make sure you tag your adventures with #MilesFromMonday!

If there is something about points, miles or travel that you would like to read about, let us know in the comments below.


About Author

Stephanie loves all things food, exercise, and travel. She is always looking for ways to stay active and healthy at home and while traveling the world. Stephanie lives in Miami, Florida with her Husband, Michael, and their two rescue pups, Zona and Bo.