Why I Still Have My Discover Card



While there are MANY cards that have more benefits than the Discover It card, this card holds a special place in my heart… and my wallet.

I guess I should start back to where my love affair with Discover started. It was back in college, when I was not as responsible with money (and credit) as I am now. I made some decisions which negatively affected my credit.  After I started realizing the importance of having credit (but not yet playing the #pointsgame), I went to my bank and asked to open a credit card. After running a credit check, they informed me I was not eligible for a credit card because my credit score was SO low. This was NOT one of the high points of my life, but I knew I needed to do ANYTHING to get my credit back up, so I got a secured credit card through Bank of America. A secured credit card is a card that helps you build/strengthen your credit score. The maximum credit limit is determined by a refundable security deposit you provide.

After I had the secured credit card for a year,  I was able to increase my FICO to something somewhat respectable and applied for a Bank of America Credit Card with a $0 credit card fee. I was not concerned with points redemptions, but I am sure this card did not have the best benefits. Thankfully,  I got DENIED! I started looking into other credit cards with $0 fees who would also give me a line of credit. Discover accepted me and we have been happy together ever since…

Not only did the Discover It card allow me to build my credit to a respectable level to open more credit accounts, and start a points and travel blog… but it has also allowed me to earn about $200 a year in cash back rewards. I admit that $200 dollars is laughable compared to some of the rewards received from other cards, but with no annual fee and minimal effort for redemption (more on that later), the rewards from Discover makes the card worth keeping and using.

Earning and using rewards through the Discover It card is easy! The card offers 5% cash back on quarterly rotating categories as well as 5-10% cash back while online shopping through their online shopping portal…I love getting 5% cash back on my Sephora addiction and 10% cash back my endless sneaker obsession at FinishLine. When I want to use my rewards, I can request a direct deposit into my bank account,  use them to pay my bill or apply them to any Amazon order.

Lastly, the Discover It was my first card and in an effort to keep my credit rating up,  I will never close it.

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