Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class New York to Singapore


Singapore Airlines has one of the world’s best first class products on board their A380.  Stephanie and I were lucky enough to fly this flagship plane on the way to South East Asia for our amazing honeymoon.  This article will give you a preview of the flight as well as some insights into how you can book the flight yourself.

Check-in, Lounge and Boarding

Singapore Airlines has a dedicated Suites Class check-in line at JFK.  Because there are only 12 seats that are almost never filled, you can expect to walk right up to an empty check-in counter.  Within a few minutes, we had the golden tickets in hand and were excited to start our journey.  We also received two passes to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse located upstairs in JFK’s Terminal 4 (which Singapore Airlines also departs).

After moving through security (Singapore Airlines does not participate in TSA Pre-Check), we headed up to the lounge.  The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse has a full-service bar and a dine-on-demand menu.  If you’re flying Singapore Suites out of JFK, we highly recommend leaving extra time to sample the food and drinks and maybe even enjoy a complimentary 15-minute spa service.

In what seemed liked 5-seconds, it was time to board and we headed to our gate.  There was a separate line for Suites Class passengers and we were escorted down a separate jet bridge directly to door 1 on the lower deck where we were met by the flight crew who showed us to our seats suites.

The Flight

We were both shocked at just how much room each suite has.  The main seat is a massive 35 inches wide with 81 inches of pitch.  There is a giant ottoman which doubles as a second seat as well as a 23″ inch screen with loads of in-flight entertainment.  As soon as we sat down, we were offered water and soft drinks and told that champagne would be served as soon as we took off.  Once airborne, the head flight attendant came over to introduce himself and offer us champagne, which we accepted.  While we just expected two glasses of champagne to be brought to our suites, we were presented with two glasses and a tray offering both Dom Perignon and Krug.  Of course, we sampled both.

Settling in For an Amazing Flight

After we took off, the food service began.  If you are flying Suites Class, First Class, or Business Class on Singapore Airlines you can use the Book the Cook service (BTC). Of course, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, because all evening flights on Singapore Airlines Suites Class and First Class begin with a caviar service.

Who Says “NO” to Free Caviar?Having caviar at 33,000 feet is a great luxury that lets you live like the rich and famous during your almost free flight.  Of course, you can pair your caviar with a glass of Krug or Dom Perignon (or both).

We both opted for BTC.  Stephanie chose the Lobster Thermidor…

Lobster Thermador

And I chose the Braised Short Ribs of Beef…


Braised Short Rib of Beef

Singapore Airlines Suites Class also has a great selection of cocktails and liquors including Johnny Walker Blue Label, The Macallan “Whisky Maker’s Edition”, and Graham’s 20 Yr Port.  About 1 hour into the flight we started on our main courses, which were both delicious, especially being served in a flying tube hurling through the sky at over 600 MPH.

After the main course there was a cheese course and desert.  Right after we finished the desert from the menu, the head flight attendant came over and asked if we would like our cake.  Stephanie didn’t know this, but after I booked the flights, Singapore Airlines called me and asked if we were celebrating anything special.  When the phone agent learned it was our honeymoon, they offered to make a “Honeymoon Cake”.  I figured this cake would be a nice surprise for Stephanie as we embarked on our honeymoon.

Since the first leg of the flight was approximately 8 hours from New York to Frankfurt, we wanted to get some rest.  While we changed into the Singapore Airlines provided pajamas (which we
re really comfortable), the flight attendants made up our beds.  The seat inside the Suite does not turn into a bed.  Instead, there is a fully mattress in the wall behind the seat which flips down to form a bed.  The two middle seats are connected and when the divider is lowered, you have a full double bed in the sky.  We were very comfortable and slept for 6 solid hours.

Even at 6’1″, there was plenty of room.

We woke up just in time to order customized eggs for breakfast.  I have never been on a flight where the food was cooked to order with various options.  I opted for the scrambled eggs with bacon while Stephanie had used BTC to pre-order the Red Lentil Souffle with Farro Salad.  Both were delicious and we were even able to dine together in one of our suites.

Red Lentil Souffle with Farro Salad

Red Lentil Souffle with Farro Salad

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

Scrambled Eggs with Bacon

Enjoying breakfast together

Enjoying breakfast together

After breakfast, we only had about 30 minutes left until we landed in Frankfurt.  Upon landing we were met by a Singapore Airlines agent who escorted us to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge to take a shower and have breakfast (again).  We relaxed in the lounge for about 90 minutes before the same agent came to take us back to the flight and we repeated the same experience again but this time for 11-hours.

How We Booked for Miles + $344.13 Per Person

Singapore Suites is one example of how you can get incredible value out of your transferable points.  For our Singapore Suites flight, which we actually booked all the way from JFK to Koh Samui, we paid 93,500 miles (its really 110,000 miles but there is was an online booking discount of 15%) and $344.13 in taxes and fees per person.  The retail cost of this flight is currently $8,492.04 so after the taxes and fees we redeemed our points for 8.7 cents per point.

Select Flight Commercial Booking

~$8,500 is out of range for most people, but not with points!

Unfortunately, Singapore Airlines does not release premium award tickets for partner redemption (Singapore Airlines is a member of Star Alliance) so you can only book with Singapore Airlines’s own KrisFlyer miles.  This is not a big deal because KrisFlyer is a transfer partner of the big 4 major point currencies (American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Citi Thank You Points and SPG Points).  We transferred our points from Citi Thank You and Amerixan Express Membership Rewards.

How You Can Fly in the Singapore Suites

There are a couple of new developments since we had our Singapore Suites experience.  First, Singapore Airlines eliminated the 15% online booking discount and slightly increased the cost of the award, which is now 120,000 miles each way; however, the taxes and fees are now only $46.84.  Using the same booking from above, you would still be redeeming points for 7 cents per point which is still an incredible value.  Singapore Airlines allows you to book and wait list awards 355 days in advance.  Usually tickets are available for wait list first and then open up.  I suggest you wait list and/or book your award as far in advance as possible.  You must have the full amount of miles in your account to wait list an award.  Pro Tip: You can almost always click “next day” after searching from the last available day on the calendar to get a leg up on others searching for the same flights.

Select Flight Redemption Booking

There actually is availability at the saver level!

Don’t Have Enough Miles?

Want to fly on the Singapore Suites but don’t have enough transferable miles.  Check out our post on How We Earn 3x Ultimate Rewards Points Paying Rent.


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