How We Save Up To 50% on Group Fitness While Traveling


ClassPass has revolutionized the boutique fitness industry (and the boutique fitness has revolutionized the fitness industry… but we can talk about in another post).

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If you don’t know what ClassPass is, it is a fitness membership that allows you to attend fitness classes at multiple fitness studios for a monthly fee. There are three different membership levels which dictate how many classes you can attend each month.  Their is a 3, 5, and 10 class plan, allowing you to attend a studio 1, 2, or 3 times, respectively, in a monthly cycle. You can also buy extra classes and try new studios if you use your classes up before the month is over. Not only is ClassPass GREAT for those who like changing up their fitness routine regularly and those that like trying the newest fitness trends/studios but it is also great for those on a budget. While drop-in classes at most boutique fitness studios range in price from $20-$35, classes on ClassPass average $10-$15.

If you can’t tell, I have fallen in love with ClassPass! I LOVE attending classes in Miami to try new studios,  to work out with friends, and also to save money, but my favorite part of ClassPass is its functionality while traveling. Since ClassPass can be found in most metropolitan areas,  I can use my classes in any city by just changing my metro area in the app. Not only does this allow me to be active while I am away from home (and likely eating foods I shouldn’t), but it also allows me to experience the fitness culture in the city I am traveling to without spending a fortune on drop in classes.

On a recent trip to Chicago Michael and I attended a C2 yoga class at COREPOWER Yoga using  ClassPass. The class was challenging, yet relaxing and fun. Katie, the instructor, had great energy and created a great flow. The class served as a great way to start our adventures (mostly involving food) around the city.  Had we paid the drop-in class, we would have each spent $25. 

Post Yoga Glow after CorePower Yoga in Chicago

I highly recommend ClassPass for anyone looking to be more active. You can get 1/2 off your first month by signing up using the ClassPass links in this post.

ClassPass has a great help article on how to use the app while traveling.   Also,  you can check out our blog post for other tip on staying active while traveling.

Let us know how you use ClassPass while you are home or traveling. 


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