But I would walk 500 steps and I would walk 26,000 more….


Walking 26,500 steps is what Michael and I accidentally accomplished recently in Mexico City. We didn’t start the day with the intention of walking 15 miles but while exploring new areas, the steps just multiplied…

Through this day of walking, I didn’t feel tired until I realized how far we had trekked. This just shows how easy it can be to move your body while exploring new areas. Walking for so long, not only burns a ton of calories, but is also a great way to happen upon sites you may have not intended. On this day in Mexico City,  we accidentally walked through a great park and passed an artisan making beautiful beaded figurines and jewelry on our way from lunch to the Anthropology Museum.  Had we driven from lunch to the Museum we would not have found these great unplanned sites and I would not have gotten an awesome beaded giraffe! (Disclaimer: we also happened to get lost on this journey and had to Uber to the Museum)

I recently wrote about walking as one of my favorite ways to stay active while traveling, but before this trip to Mexico City I never thought of recording and documenting our activity. Even on the day we walked 26,000+ steps, I didn’t think about tracking my steps (I didn’t even wear my FitBit) because I wasn’t concerned about meeting any fitness goal. It wasn’t until Michael looked at his phone’s health app that he realized we had walked almost 16 miles.* The blogger in me will now be tracking all my steps during our travels using a fitness tracker 🙂.

Beautiful park we walked through while in Mexico City

*Phone Accelerometers have various degrees of inaccuracies, so we could have walked slightly more or less than 26,501 steps


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