About Us

The Hackers with an Elephant

Meet Stephanie and Michael aka The Hackers

We are Stephanie and Michael Hacker, newlyweds living and working in Miami, Florida.  Michael’s friends refer to him as “Hacker” and now our friends refer to us as “The Hackers”.  We share our apartment with our two rescue pups, Zona and Bo. We are both born and raised in South Florida and began dating while attending the University of Florida after a mutual friend insisted we go on a date due to our mutual love of travel and food. Eight years and numerous adventures later, we tied the knot and took an epic honeymoon to Southeast Asia using points we had earned through the same methods you’ll read about on this website.  Since wedding planning is no longer occupying our lives, we decided to create this blog to share our passion for points, luxury travel (at a fraction of the cost), food, healthy living, and adventure.

So how did we start playing the “Points Game”?

Neither one of us have ever been interested in backpacking or staying in hostels but we both have always had a desire to explore the world….a wanderlust for local food, drinks and experiences.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with backpacking or staying in hostels, and both probably lead to some great experiences, but neither are for us and are not the point of this website.

Michael: I took my first international trip as an adult to Dubai, UAE with my MBA cohort.  The nonstop flight from Atlanta to Dubai was 16-hours and me and my 6’1″ frame were in economy for the entire ride.  On this flight, we boarded through door 1 (the further front door) and I got to see exactly what I was missing out on (in this case, Delta’s 777 herringbone lie flat seats).  I knew there had to be a better way and quickly learned how to optimize my spending to earn as many points and miles as possible.

Stephanie: When we were about to Graduate, Michael from his JD / MBA and me from the MSDI / RD, Michael called me to ask if we wanted to take a trip to Europe.  Michael had enough Delta SkyMiles and American Express Membership Rewards points saved up to book both of us round-trip business class tickets to Europe (London and Amsterdam) with only a couple hundred dollars out of pocket.  We experienced seats very similar to what Michael had previewed on his walk to the economy cabin a couple years before.  Of course, after this trip, we became hooked on traveling the world in style, for a fraction of the cost.

What else do you need to know?

When we are not reading about new credit card offers or the best redemptions on blogs like The Points Guy, One Mile at a Time and View From The Wing, we love checking out the Miami dining scene and enjoying time in the Florida Sunshine (with sunscreen, of course). We also love being active and can often be found doing yoga, in group fitness classes, or taking Zona and Bo on long walks.  To pay our credit card bills (and earn points), Michael works as an attorney and Stephanie is registered dietitian with a focus on genetic disorders.

Since that first trip to Europe, we have flown some of the world’s best first and business class products to travel around the world.  Now that we are busy working professionals, we use points we maximize both our weekend and vacation travel.  Our goal is to inspire professionals like us to explore the world in style and luxury without breaking the bank.  We hope you enjoy our travel HACKS for maximizing your adventure and keeping you Miles away from Monday.